O Gallery

In 2014, O Gallery was established in Tehran with a dedication and focus to introduce and promote the work of young and emerging artists. Along the way, encounters with artists whose extraordinary work could not have gone unnoticed in Contemporary Iranian Art, the gallery found itself committed to presenting and publishing the work of these artists as well.

Presented Artists:

Sina Boroumandi

Alireza Chalipa

Shahrzad Changalvaee

Afshin Chizari

Mehdi Darvishi

Shahab Fotouhi

Ali Meer Azimi

Mohammadreza Mirzaei

Ali Nassir

Mona Omatali

Razieh Sedighian

Elham Yazdanian

Ashkan Sanei


Exhibiting artists:

Omid Bazmandegan

Mohammad Khalili

Omid Moshksar

Shideh Tamil


Orkideh Daroodi

Contact Ways

Address: #18, Shahin (Khedri) St., Sanaee St., Tehran, Iran, 1585893751

Tel:+98 21 88324828