Hoor Art Gallery was established in September 2005 by Yaghoub Emdadian, ex-art director of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art and art expert. The gallery specializes in the fields of painting, sculpture and printmaking by contemporary artists. Since its inception, the gallery has held more than 180 solo and group exhibitions and has strived to develop the art and culture of this land by introducing talented and pioneer artists.

Hoor Art Gallery at Teer Art Week 2019

Yaghoub Emdadian’s paintings depict purity of form and color as well as vast space. Emdadian is essentially a landscape painter, but not in its conventional sense. He nurtures a great affection for nature, but defines its forms and dimensions through a geometry of his own. His compassion for nature can be traced back to his visual experiences of childhood years spent in the plains around the city of Tabriz. There, his encounters with self under a vast and bright farmland sky, stretched endlessly to the horizon, developed his appreciation for the nature of his homeland. His affection for high horizon emanates from such encountering. At any rate, open space is his preoccupation, be it in the farmlands or deserts or in semi-abstract compositions where he hints at signs of the earth and the sky. Emdadian’s command of pictorial means and their mode of expression effortlessly convinces of his attitude towards the nature of Iran.

Exhibited Artist

Yaghoub Emdadian


Yaghoub Emdadian


Aydin Emdadian
Shervin Emdadian


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