Homa Art Gallery’s mission is to review Iranian contemporary and modern visual arts and to promote emerging artists in Iran and abroad. Homa Art Gallery is proud of its early role in the creation of now major cutting edge Iranian artists, through notably over two hundred exhibitions to date. In cooperation with art museums, foundations and other art galleries, Homa Art Gallery is a participant in the annual exhibition “Nasle No” (New Generation) designed to promote the development of young Iranian artists. The gallery is also involved in seasonal collections, improving Iranian modern and contemporary art collections and advising amateur and professional collectors.

Homa Art Gallery at Teer Art Week 2019

(…) After years of grappling with their predecessors, a new generation of Iranian artists has come to the conclusion that by using the issue of identity as a means and not an end, perhaps they can reach better results. In this new definition identity becomes a way of deleting appropriated concepts and methods of making art. In this approach identity becomes not a nostalgic reinterpretation of history, but an archive of the present. Under the title “Archiving the Present” the artists of this exhibition have focused on the issue of identity as individuals, delving deep within their own psyches. However instead of looking at it from a critical perspective, or defining this inquiry in terms of east versus west, and without reducing it to an ideological stance, they have attempted to present their identities as versions of the present time, each playing a role in this act of archiving.

Exhibited Artists

Ladan Broujerdi

Rashin Ghorbi

Kasra Golrang

Arsia Moghaddam

Taher Pour-Heidari

Sima Shahmoradi


Hengameh Moammeri



Hengameh Moammeri



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