Hedayat Gallery opened in March 2018 in a carefully renovated 1970s freestanding villa in Tehran’s historical centre. An artistic and cultural center, Hedayat is home to a interrelated collection of spaces – namely an art gallery, a specialized children’s art library and an art shop – working in synchronicity to celebrate and share the life-changing powers of visual, digital and performance art.

Hedayat supports a specialised program of introducing contemporary art to children age 3-13. In addition to the center’s library, a separate 80 square meter duplex in the outside garden will soon play host to a wide range of children’s workshops and open-ended activities.

Hedayat Gallery at Teer Art fair 2019

Exhibited Artist

Hadi Nikan

Founder & Director

Atesa Hedayat


Year founded



Address: #15, 6th St., Nejatollahi St., Tehran – Iran

Tel: +98 21 88 89 05 00