Founded in 2009 with a focus on the contemporary art of Iran.

Etemad Gallery at Teer Art week 2019


In his work, Mostafa Darehbaghi moves back and forth in time with time taken in the following two senses: as a singular physical quantity measured by clocks, or as an environment in which human life flows (like water for fish) and to which all behaviors, deeds, sayings and constructions are subject. Dashti’s world might appear placeless, but the the atmosphere, mostly temporal, is imbued with purity and simplicity and his works are charged with energy and mobility. Despite the void and ‘neatness’ that meets the eye at first sight and might appear austere or sterile, Dashti’s works are brimming with a kind of dynamism or even rapture and a hidden anxiety which the viewer recognizes if not misled by the neat finishing and  flawless technique. Such extreme (at times) uneasiness hidden under the apparently calm and tranquil surface is the result of a back and forth. For, this very motion is the artist’s main concern, the persistent movement filling, despite the local limitation and temporal brevity, the abstract space of the work.

Mehdi Sahabi

Exhibited Artists

Mostafa Darehbaghi

Etemad Negarestan at Teer Art week 2019

“A’ar” is an ancient Persian word which has fallen out of use in writing, communication and conversation. It does not have much of a special place in modern-day Persian culture. Dehkhoda’s dictionary, one of the most complete sources for Persian language and vocabulary, describes the various meanings of “A’ar” as:


A baby who is weaned early
A donkey’s sound (heehaw)
To make someone sad and grieve
A disease which causes a camel’s wool to fall off

Exhibited Artists

Armin Amirian


Negarestan Garden
Daneshsara St.,
Baharestan Sq.,
Tehran, Iran

Etemad Gallery at Teer Art fair 2018

Etemad Gallery

In 2002, Etemad Gallery, was established in Tehran by Mina and Amir Hossein Etemad. The gallery is committed to raising the profile of Iranian contemporary art by featuring emerging and established artists. The works exhibited range from abstraction to figuration, with adherence to innovative techniques and aesthetic styles. These artists depict developments triggered by rapid urbanization, globalization and changes in demographics, while they address some conceptual themes like modernity, identity, femininity and violence. Etemad’s commitment to contemporary art is deeply rooted in a history of passion for art, encouraged by supporting artists throughout different stages of their career.

Represented Artists

Ashkan Abdoli
Morteza Ahmadvand
Mohsen Ahmadvand
Amirhossein Akhavan
Roshanak Aminelahi
Yousha Bashir
Bahar Behbahani
Mostafa Darehbaghi
Elnaz Farajollahi
Raana Farnoud
Hoda Kashiha
Simin Keramati
Farsad Labbauf
Roxana Manouchehri
Shohreh Mehran
Farshid Mesghali
Mehrdad Mohebali
Neda Razavipour
Pooya Razi
Ramin Saadat Gharin
Afarin Sajedi
Peyman Shafieezadeh
Mohamad Mehdi Tabatabaie
Aneh Mohammad Tatari
Mohsen Vaziri Moghaddam
Leila Vismeh
Ramtin Zad
Shantia Zakerameli

Exhibited Artists

Roshanak Aminelahi
Mostafa Darehbaghi
Raana  Farnoud
Shohreh Mehran
Farshid Mesghali
Mehrdad Mohebali
Afarin Sajedi


Amir Hossein Etemad


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