Dastan’s Basement

Dastan (est. 2012 by Hormoz Hematian, Tehran) started as Dastan’s Basement and dedicated itself to representing the new generation of Iranian artists. From the outset, Dastan found considerable potential in contemporary Iranian art and used its growing reach to provide young artists with opportunities to do a wide range of experiments. In 2015, Dastan +2 opened as a standard exhibition space hosting shows of established Iranian twentieth-century and contemporary art. Since its early stages, in order to constantly develop new potentials, Dastan has availed itself of other sites —labelled as Dastan:Outside— where it has organized innovative art exhibitions. These venues include Sam Art, Shirin Confectionary, V-Gallery, and most recently Electric Room and Manouchehri House’s Gallery (Kashan).

Dastan’s Basement at Teer Art fair 2018

Exhibited Artists

Mohammadreza Yazdi

Fereydoun Ave

Pooya Aryanpour

Mimi Amini

Habib Farajabadi

Farrokh Mahdavi

Aydin Aghdashloo

Meghdad Lorpour

Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh

Milad Mousavi

Sina Choopani

Ghasemi Brothers

Mehran Mohajer

Sadra Baniasadi

Sam Samiee

Nariman Farrokhi

Sahand Hesamiyan

Hooman Mortazavi

Bijan Bassiri

Ali Akbar Sadeghi

Amin Akbari

Founder & Director

Hormoz Hematian

Year Founded



Address: #6, Bidar Street, Fereshteh Street, Tehran-Iran

Tel: +98 21 22023114