Atbin Gallery was founded in the summer of 2000 to promote young Iranian talents in the field of visual arts. Atbin Gallery believes in the creative potential, the technical capacity and the authenticity of Iran’s contemporary generation of artists. To date, the gallery had held 350 solo and group exhibitions in Iran and abroad.

The gallery’s orientation is a combination of innovation and beauty with a touch of decorativeness. We believe art should be a source of visual pleasure sprinkled with awareness.

We hope to present the true essence of Iranian visual arts as seen and expressed by the young talents of this country and to present rare pieces from masters of Iranian modern art.

We strive to keep Atbin a warm and welcoming space for our supporting audiences, trusting customers, collectors and artist friends.

Atbin Gallery at Teer Art week 2019

“Myth in the Mist”

We regard Mr. Nedaei as a serious, experienced, talented artist and a professional painter with around 40 years of background who is very energetic, active and open minded toward his works and most importantly willing for new projects at the same time.

Two years ago he had a very successful exhibition at Atbin Art Gallery, resulting in a total sold out. For this exhibition we managed to convince him not to paint in his regular style but to draw (as we believe him as one out of 3 best drawing masters in Iran at the moment if not the best) but in a rather sublime and glamorous way so the drawings came out on colored card boards with silver or gold ink (…).

Exhibited Artist

Ali Nedaei



Farhad Azarin



Farhad Azarin


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