Teer Art is a private-sector initiative to promote modern and contemporary Iranian art through two sister events: Teer Art fair and Teer Art week. Once a year, Teer Art creates a space connecting local and international galleries, art collectors, industry professionals and visitors of all stripes. From emerging artists to established Modern masters, from urban installations to panel talks, Teer Art offers a complete insight into the exciting and fast-moving world of contemporary Iranian art.

Teer Art fair

Teer Art fair aims to showcase Iran’s most innovative contemporary and modern art galleries, encompassing a very wide range of contemporary art practices. Seasoned collectors and  first-time enthusiasts can view a wide selection of Iranian galleries under one roof, browse publications and attend talks.

6.000 people visited Teer Art Fair’s first edition in June 2018 and 9.000 people visited the second edition of the fair in June 2019.

Teer Art week

Teer Art week is a week-long event taking place throughout Tehran and featuring gallery exhibitions, urban art installations, panel talks, studio visits and public tours.

A novel initiative in Iran since 2019, Teer Art week offers local and international visitors the chance to discover and learn about contemporary Iranian art practices, discover new spaces, interact with local artists and enjoy the city through a curated art route.

Our History

Teer Art is the brainchild of Hormoz Hematian, founder of Dastan Gallery. Recognizing the potential of an art fair and art week in a country known for its rich cultural traditions, Hematian enlisted the support of fellow Assar gallerist Maryam Majd, co-director of Assar Art Gallery and herself a veteran of the local contemporary art scene. Together, the team pitched the idea to a handful of galleries to assess feasibility. The first edition of the fair took place in June 2018, followed a couple months later by Teer Art week.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals who bring a wide range of experiences in fine art, project management, public relations and social media. We are motivated by a shared passion to spread knowledge and appreciation of Iran’s eclectic and vibrant artistic community, to foster a cultural dialogue and to create memorable experiences for all art lovers.

Hormoz Hematian

Founder and chief advisor

Hormoz Hematian founded Dastan’s Basement in 2012 to showcase emerging and experimental Iranian art then followed with Dastan+2, dedicated to established artists and Dastan:Outside, a program of curated pop-up exhibitions throughout town. Together, the three initiatives cover the full spectrum of Iranian contemporary and modern art practices. In addition to an extensive local program of shows, pop-ups and eclectic collaborations, the Dastan group of galleries can be regularly sighted at established international venues such as Frieze New York, Art Basel Hong Kong, Art Dubai and Contemporary Istanbul.

Maryam Majd


Maryam Majd is a research curator specialized in modern and contemporary Iranian art and former lecturer at the Tehran University of Art. Co-owner of Assar Art Gallery since 2004, the gallery under Majd’s direction was one of the first in Iran to tackle international art events. In the past fifteen years, Maryam has curated and co-curated numerous retrospectives, solo and group exhibitions and published, contributed to a long list of catalogues and art publications.

Arash Rahbari

Chief Executive Officer

Arash Rahbari joined Teer Art as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) after the 2019 edition of Teer Art Fair. He is a graduate of Master of Finance from George Washington University. With over ten years of experience in finance management, working for notable companies such as Capital Financial Partners, Arash Rahbari aims to develop a robust and sustainable long-term financial strategy for Teer and its associated programs to contribute to the growth of the Iranian art market.

Iman Safaei

Art Director

Iman Safaei is an award-winning designer, artist and curator based in Tehran, who also performs as Teer Art’s Art Director. As a designer, he has pioneered several design and publication projects, most recently 009821 Projects, an exhibition venue he founded that operates for showcasing artists’ editions and publishing books of review. Meanwhile, Iman’s artistic work has been internationally shown and placed in public collections such as the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art, and he has been continuously engaged as an artistic director for several design and arts institutions and galleries since early in his career.

Shahed Saffari

Gallery Liaison

Shahed Saffari acts as Teer Art’s link between the program and the galleries. After over ten years of experience in designing and managing gallery programs, Shahed has been part of Teer Art since its inception and continues to expand and develop Teer’s local and international network and footprint. Shahed’s educational background in painting and illustration in addition to her executive experiences in hosting exhibitions and art fair participations in Iran and abroad, enhance Teer’s versatility in catering for a wide range of galleries and artistic profiles.

Golnar Keyhan

Office Manager, Coordinator

Golnar Keyhan supports company operations by maintaining office systems and coordinating with the staff. Following her prior work and educational experiences in business administration, finance management, and retail, she keeps the tasks flowing at Teer Art’s office while acting as a mediator between company partners, contractors, and the team. Since joining the executive team at Teer Art, she has provided harmony in workplace discipline and procedure design.

Arefeh Haddadi

Public Relations

Arefeh Haddadi is the front person for Teer’s public relations, working to promote its network, image and communications with the public, media and stakeholders. She studied software engineering, and previous to working at Teer worked in international shipping, business relations, and coordination in a number of offshore engineering companies, as well as developing communication strategies and data analysis for smaller businesses. As so, she contributes to Teer Art’s collective dynamic and networking efforts.


We are regularly on the look-out for talented individuals to add their passion and know-how to the team. Priority is given to individuals with a degree in art history, management, PR, cultural studies and other related fields of study. An interest for art and a strong command of written and spoken Persian and English are a plus.

At the time of its major events, Teer Art also opens a number of temporary volunteer positions, professional development opportunities and internships. Kindly consult this page closer to our events and stay tuned for updates on our social media channels.