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Aaran Gallery at Teer Art Week 2019

Action Potential

With dynamic brush strokes and a palette knife, Salman Khoshroo betrays his fascination with the mystery of being, evolution and humanity in general. Outlines of well-formed are among the traits in his work. These powerful figures directly reference instincts and primal forces of human nature. As much as the strength of humans is at the heart of these paintings, their failures and shortcomings have been an ever-present element in the psyche of artist. These forceful manifestation of male figures portray the well-recorded struggles of humanity: man against man, against nature and itself. However, in a number of paintings depicting men emerging from foliage or water, the artist seems to be offering a reconciliation; man emerging from nature and standing for nature (…).

Exhibited Artist

Salman Khoshroo


Rana and Nazila Nobashari


Nazila Nobashari


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